Our clients are always at the center of what we do. We ask questions, research, empathize and learn so we can partner with you to produce technology solutions that deliver the greatest impact to the important work you do.

Implementation Services

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Building the right system for your organization requires having the right architect. We understand how to harness the dynamic flexibility of SmartSimple Cloud to successfully transform your vision into reality. The Gen3 implementation team will take your blueprint and bring it to life.

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We bring both deep technical knowledge and consulting expertise to all of our builds. Our clients’ feedback shapes the strategic direction we take and we put the client at the center of everything we do.

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We use an agile implementation approach that enables us to work hands-on to deliver you a robust system. We’ll work with you to make sure your system is ready to meet your needs today and can evolve with you in the future.

We’ve implemented systems for organizations with some of the largest global footprints including international NGOs, research institutions and multinational corporations.

Consulting Services

As your partner, our mission is to empower you by delivering technology solutions that enable the greatest impact. We have the expertise to help elevate the good work you do at every stage of your process.

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Impact Measurement

By taking a deep dive into intricacies of your organization’s mission, we’ll help develop the tools geared toward implementing the right tools to help you make the most impact with the most efficient processes and strategies. You know your communities better than anyone, and your system should mirror that expertise.

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Process Reengineering

Our consulting services can help radically redesign your core organizational processes to achieve dramatic improvements in your organizations productivity and efficiency. We can help you develop strategies and provide tools to reduce the fragmentation of your work and establish clear ownership of processes in each department. All of your stakeholders will have transparent responsibility for their output and can measure their performance based on prompt feedback.

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Change Management

The right change management process will help you realize benefits of SmartSimple Cloud while focusing on minimizing employee resistance and building change competency into your company. Gen3’s change management methodology to enable successful organizational transformation. Examples of customized change management plans we help create, implement and manage for project teams include strategies and trainings.

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