How we work with you

Gen3 has evolved a proven methodology and over the last 10 years, we’ve established a set of best practices through many successful implementations.

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Our goal is to exceed expectations and we do this through clear, honest, and transparent communication and processes.

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We take a disciplined approach that starts with a comprehensive onboarding process as a first stage. From there, we’ll work collaboratively with you, keeping an open dialogue to ensure we’re responsive to any changes or needs that may have evolved during the project.

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Throughout the project, we’ll also ensure that your people are properly supported so that they are ready when we go-live. This support extends beyond the project itself and we’ll continue to provide support until you’re ready.

Implementation Process Diagram

Our Approach & Methodology

We apply an Agile methodology for all of our projects. Combined with ‘Design Cycles’, this approach enables us to be flexible and adjust to our clients’ unique needs.

Design Cycles Diagram
1 - High-Level Business Requirements

First we define your high-level business requirements, including deliverables and corresponding user groups. Then we separate deliverables into components – called “cycles” – and prioritize them.

During the implementation process, we define your detailed requirements and translate them into tasks into linear waves of work. Once we prioritize the tasks, we work with you in refining the requirements based on your feedback.

3 - Review

Finally, once a wave of implementation is complete, we review and analyze upcoming cycles and how they meet your overall business requirements to see if these priorities need to be changed.

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